THE NUTCRACKER is a journey into the world of children’s imagination set in a Christmas setting. This classic ballet with music by the grandmaster of the genre, Pyotr Tchaikovsky, belongs to the strict canon, enjoying unflagging popularity despite the passage of time. It is worth asking yourself why this is happening? Everyone probably has their own, completely justified answer: beautiful music, the atmosphere of Christmas, choreographic mastery, and finally rich costumes and scenography. You will find all this in the production of the Royal Classical Ballet, but there is something else to which we pay close attention. 

THE NUTCRACKER is an excellent platform for intergenerational meetings. Here, every child is treated with understanding and attention worthy of adults, and adults, regardless of age, have an extraordinary opportunity to rediscover and find the child in themselves. And so, in a world that has perhaps divided and separated generations like never before, our show appears as a platform that integrates individuals and souls that are often strangers, but related.

THE NUTCRACKER PLOT consists of two acts. The main character is Klara, who on Christmas Eve, among many other gifts, finds a wooden nutcracker under the Christmas tree. She likes the toy very much, although no one else sees anything noteworthy about it. Klara’s family, like every year, celebrates the expectation of the birth of God’s Child. When night falls, the girl falls asleep in the armchair. Then extraordinary things start to happen. The Nutcracker comes to life and saves Clara, who is being attacked by the mouse army and his King. Commanding his brother’s tin soldiers, he fights a fierce battle that almost costs him his life. Fortunately, Klara comes to his aid in time and is rewarded by the Snow Queen. In the second act, the Nutcracker turns into a handsome prince and takes Clara to the Land of Sweets. During the journey, the girl meets mysterious characters who dance fiery flamenco, traditional Russian dance, Chinese dance and oriental dance. Finally, the travelers reach the capital, where Clara is welcomed with honors worthy of a real princess and invited to a ball at the palace. There, she dances a waltz with the prince, surrounded by swirling flower garlands. Unfortunately, when midnight comes, everything disappears like fog, and the girl wakes up in an armchair, hugging a wooden toy in her arms.




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